Missed a day out so its catch up time.  The greatest thing about residencies is that they give you time to develop your work. It is an unfolding , taking what you think you already know into new places. Here there is no need to worry about things like where your next meal is, it is there and that keeps your mind unfettered. So, I am having a brilliant time, just working away. Day 5 was workshop day and I did a sound workshop that developed listening and collaborative sound practices to create a fantastic sounding end result.  At the residency site, I created a short film using my interpretations of the early morning noises. Putting them on a speaker, I took it into the woods and let it play amongst the existing bird song. I think I wanted to see if it had an impact and I think it increased the bird song but obviously, that could be co-incidental. I think it is too poor a connection to attach. So day 6, a quieter day as our evenings are occupied with house visits, gallery visits  and food. It has all been really interesting. The image above shows an almost 360 degree drawing in bamboo charcoal of the mould growing in the pool.It fades as the charcoal fades. Spent the rest of the day editing the sound clips I had made of everyone on site. Not sure how I will put them together yet. Two gallery openings and an absolutely wonderful meal with Zahir and his family.


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