Day 7, already. Don’t want to go home! Just getting used to time difference and to everyone around me. But….. Today I have been working on the idea of the exhibition, thinking how it will work. Began by researching QR codes which I have used before but needed refreshing on sizes etc. Spent a very long time making paper boxes for the three objects that I will use. Found great value in discussing it with others. For example, Prantik, I know from his website is very good at making in wood so I talked about the boxes. His thoughts were that I should make individual boxes for each object so that it looked like the box was made for object rather than object for box, good thinking. With Hannah, I talked about my least favourite object which was a glass. She suggested food and I suddenly realised rice was the object. Thanks both of you.

I have also been thinking about the idea of the residency itself asking, what could be done here that wouldn’t/couldn’t be done elsewhere? I am sure that I have mentioned this before but it is a recurring question. Put it on my map, which is rapidly filling up and now needs sellotaping. I hope others will think about the question.

Not mentioned our invite to the Christmas concert at Zahir’s old school, lots of fun and valued the rehearsal time that the children had put in. Our evening was taken up by an exhibition at Ark. Great ceramics and lovely building.

The audio piece is a slightly too long (2.49 secs) précis of the workshop at Sarjan Gallery last Wednesday. It shows the build up from listening to resonances using beaters, humming whilst walking to map the space and finally grouping together to create a collaborative hum until cut short by someone’s mobile phone.

I thought that I couldn’t  attach the audio as it showed 0 mins as length but when you click on play, it loads, hopefully

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