A family and friends day at Highness Farm today so a late start. Nice got have a little time to relax after such a busy week. However, I remember I am here to work and get up and do my blog, edit my last sound piece for Thursday but remember I would like one more person to contribute. Make list, this is getting serious! A lovely day, however. Lots of people, lots of conversations, discussions about art, politics, similarities and differences in cultures, nhs, education, food -well, not much left really. We had a discussion about the film that will begin tomorrow with Hormazd, became a little contentious but got there in the end. Went with Sandya to an old distillery that had been re-purposed and was now art studios. There were artist talks going on in a lovely setting outside and then to Sandya’s house for dinner. An earlier night that sometimes and think I will benefit from it.


Going to give pride of place in my image to the women making roti. Photograph taken with their consent. We are being fed so beautifully.

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