From the very beginning, I have felt  lucky to be selected. It has turned out to be a most productive residency for me. My work has taken a new turn, I have rediscovered my love of drawing and conversations on a huge variety of topics, including art, have proved fascinating. There has been an exchange of knowledge that will stand me in good stead for the future. I have met the most lovely people and hope that some time in the future, I can somehow repay their kindness and generosity. I can never hope to create such good food though. The location was perfect of for me and re-locating the kind of work that I do  to a rural site has been change of direction that will be invaluable. I am happy outside with trees and wildlife.

I wish to thank Zahir and all his family, Sandiya, Parth and all those who help with the farm, Tarun as well as all the  artists who made the residency the success that it was and not forgetting those back at Artcore Derby for their behind the scenes help. I am looking forward to the April exhibition in Derby.


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