We have spent quite a lot of time at the university. This morning we went for breakfast before an exhibition which I did not manage to see as there was a workshop about to start in stone lithography by Devraj Dakota. He was very generous with his time and I really enjoyed watching the process. There is a particular way that people who do these processes work. It is very precise and ordered, slow and steady. it shows in their movements. After, back to Highness Farm. Did some photos where I unfortunately realised too late that I was just slumped in the chair, oh well, vanity  out of the window! Tested QR codes with the video I had made and it works well. however, I couldn’t make it work with SoundCloud, it just goes to channel where you have to log in. Need to re-think this part.


Our evening was spent with Sudipta. She showed us her work and gave us excellent food.


I realise that I may have some overlap on these posts due to the time lag, sorry.



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