I particularly wanted to complete my daily blogs as  a record for the future. As there were some problems accessing the site, these are now retrospective. However, they were written in note form so they are quite fresh. I began by writing some notes about the residency for the artist film. It made me realise how much I have enjoyed this location. Sitting drawing, I have been perfectly happy. I have not wanted to be anywhere else, very unusual for me, I don’t normally sit still for long or want to remain in the same place. Summing up the residency so far, I realised that the work I have been doing could only have been made here – my criteria for a successful residency. It is a combination of attention to artist needs, location and the interactions and exchanges with other artists. The rural location really suits me and went for a walk with Parth to the pond, around the bottom of the cliff and back. His plans for the watercourses are impressive and later, these were added to my map as freely running ink trails. I have now planned how to present the sound pieces, linking them to boxes each containing a single object – a feather representing my mimesis of the bird and other animal sounds; rice for the ringing of the gong and bamboo for the composition of working sounds.

I have started to enjoy drawing again.

Quick drawing from edge of cliff


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