“Winter narratives “ Is my first residency ever, and I was actually quite anxious about it. But when I reached the location, and met up with all of these lovely artists, I was feeling comfortable right away.

The location of the program, i.e. Highness farm, sits by the ravines of the Mahi river, and is a habitat for various beautiful insects and birds, which is quite different from the location of my studio, which sits in the middle of a concrete jungle. This change is beautiful, I sketch and paint, and when I get bored, I just go for a stroll around the property and often spot some migratory birds and cute insects.

The fact about this residency, which includes a varied set of artists of all ages and different kind of knowledge, makes an amazing ground for exchanging powerful thoughts.
I am finally feeling fresh and positive, and maybe, also got some lead to my future body.

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