So it’s been a little while since I started trying to make a fire ‘the old way’… things that I learnt:

  • Too much time spent trying can hurt/bruise your hands
  • Flat ended sticks work better than round ended sticks
  • Bruises and hurts can also blister…
  • Sticks that are straighter are easier to turn
  • Bamboo – although straight and round – does not work.
  • Do your research properly – bushcraft is not an easy skill
  • Make sure you have the correct wood.

New video work in progress – Prometheus, 2020

Second to starting fire, I managed to develop the rolls of film that I shot on location in the Derby Museum.

I have taken to calling this photograph ‘Artemis, 2020’ after the Greek Goddess. Goddess of the Moon and the hunt, it seems fitting that an owl represent both of these concepts.

No only this, but the clear perspex box in which the owl is displayed, goes further to somewhat visualise the idea of a reality within a reality.

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