Carceral Feminism will ruin your nervous system. And if all you have to offer me is time, you’re not offering me anything.

The now is threatening to the mind.

I can hear Enya singing Only Time behind me. It’s making me stressed. Time has been used against me over and over.

My trans initiation has been delayed to the future. My doctor told me it was good that I had time to think about it. I told her that without any support it was neglect. And the future doesn’t actually exist.

The nervous system is a time machine. My energy is leaking into different dimensions. It splinters my reality. And things happen in that time.

When my dad was given time. We lost our home. I went through puberty. He became an addict.

I’ve been waiting for two years for the GIC, I’ve become homeless again and my dad has died. I face a second puberty on my own.

Sentencing my gender to more nervous system deregulation. Riding austerity and fascism. She sounds so fucking ambivlient.

Who can say where the road goes? Who knows? Only time.
And I wanna scream, “No Enya, I mean… doctor, it doesn’t have to be this way!”

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