Over 20 people involved in ‘The Derby Witness’ came down to see the Cabin Fever space over the weekend, and after producing the work mostly in lockdown last year, it was great to finally meet some of the people involved face to face! Many of the people who’s lines of text are included in the project are unpublished or don’t consider themselves to be ‘writers’, which is one of the reason I was so keen to publish the work to give those who have contributed a publication credit to their name.

Working in the Cabin has also allowed us to experiment with the lines of text, Nicki and I have begun spraying lines inside the exhibition space, and I have been spraying fragments of lines and single words on the bricks surrounding the cabin, as well as along the silver rim of the building.

On Saturday I was presented with a new poem, which someone has written in reaction to seeing the work displayed (which is now being shown as part of the exhibition) and lines and reactions to the work have begun to come in via social media.


Like flowers from the soil, we too will rise



Dan Webber

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