Cabin Fever

Small stories, Big News

All set up for the Cabin Fever Artcore residency. It was lovely to meet the other artist in residence, Poet, Dan Webber, who has done a fantastic job of making the cabin very colourful with his poetic text sprayed all around the outside and spilling onto the pavement.

Now I invite you to participate in my project which is part of the Artcore residency, Cabin Fever, in association with DCC.

Please come along to the cabin and share your story. Create a small piece of artwork that is inspired by your own experience of the lockdowns.

The artwork we make together will be small, in contrast to Dans big bold work, no bigger than A6 and can be text, type, collagraph, monoprint, screen print, tapestry, lino print, a short film telling your story, a drawing, a painting, or if you are an artist who has a specific medium and materials to make the work please do that.

You can book for an hour workshop (which is free) where you will be able to learn a technique to make your piece of art.

Artwork made by participants will be left at the cabin with the intention of publishing the work in a magazine/book/e-book alongside your story.  When the book is published, time depending on funding, participants will get a free copy.

If you are interested in taking part please email me at: or call at The Cabin, The old Stand, Osnabruck Square, Derby between 12 and 4 Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 21st April. (Note: I will not be there on Friday 23rd April)

The main aim is to relax and enjoy the hour of creating.

Hope to see you soon




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