During the final week at the Artcore graduate residency I spent my time choosing images that I wanted to show alongside my installation piece. I wanted to choose images which demonstrate the versatility of the material and range of textures which can be created through working into the material. Therefore I chose to select 8 images which evidence this.

While looking at my images I also considered using some of the pictures I had taken of the shadows the material created; they produced interesting shapes and also demonstrated the translucency of the material which I was experimenting with in my large work. I chose to have 8 of these images printed on acetate because the image is then translucent and emphasises the translucency of the material in the images as well, so the prints mirror the original material more effectively.

The final part of the week involved the set up of the exhibition and the opening night. For me the set up is a major part of my work as the way the work is installed contributes to the final piece as it is site specific. I wanted to use the height of the space, the shape of rooms, the lights inside the space and the light filtering through the windows to create effects upon the material. By having the work hanging from the high ceiling it creates the sense of scale, however I also wanted it to hang just off the floor to allow viewer to see the effects that lights have upon the material and create the idea of it floating. When the work is floating it will gently move as air currents in the room change, creating a more ethereal appearance and adding to its materiality.

The opening night was a great success and it was amazing to hear viewers comments about the work and see their interest in all of our practices. The residency at Artcore has been a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my professional practice. It was also a great chance to meet new, upcoming artists and other art professionals, learn from them and work with them to create an amazing exhibition which will hopefully be a gateway into other opportunities.


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