I’m just doing some research in to ideas of constructed imagery; in particular the work of Felicity Hammond: http://www.felicityhammond.com/

To quote her website with specific reference to the colour blue in her work “Restore to Factory Settings”

Blue is the colour of the screen when it is unable to transmit information; it is a miscommunication, an error report, a simulation or substitution. It is the print of future planning yet it is also failure, already redundant. The colour blue is corrupted, duplicitous, and houses a dual space; it is the colour of allegory.

This strikes or resonates with me particularly because my small monitor has a blue screen function where a blue cast is overlayed on the screen. The idea that Hammond uses here relating to the symbolism of colours in particular settings. Also her reference to simulation or substitution… There’s something there that is relevant to me but I need to decipher more…


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