Over the second week of my residency at Artcore, I began preparing my materials for the larger scale work I aim to create and started to think about ways I could display the work within the space to produce a new experience of the material for the viewers. I considered how I could use the shape of the space, it’s height and the light from the windows and spot lights to produce shadows, reflections and alter the translucency of the material in certain areas.
To aid my ideas I have researched works by Chiharu Shiota and Sarah Sze. Both artists use space to involve a viewer within their installations; creating works which fill entire rooms they use ‘pathways’ to navigate a viewer through their work so that they are completely immersed in their materials. Looking at these artists I started to think about how I can get viewers to engage with my work and how it would be interesting to have the work suspended in the air and moving through the space. It could rise above the viewer in parts and then drop level with them to increase their awareness of the material around them. It would allow a viewer to feel the scale of the work whilst being able to get close to it and see the intricate textures and lines simultaneously.
We also took part in a group critique where we discussed our practice and current project with each other and members of the public to receive feedback on our ideas. It was interesting to see how everyone was approaching the residency and a great opportunity to discover how the public engaged with our practice.
For my third week of the residency I aim to work on my large scale piece, using an iron to fuse the material, I will create areas of varying translucency by layering sheets of the material together and then use the heat gun to create texture and line over the piece.

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