This week I started putting my ideas into action.
I extracted designs from my sketchbook and laser cut them at Nottingham Trent University. It is so nice going back to the laser cut room. This already starts generating in me new ideas of how my work might develop after the residency and different materials that I might use.



Moreover, I am working with digital collages from the photography that I took last week and started blending the idea of pattern repeat within my practice. Although I did my Master’s Degree in Textile Design, my final project was bridging the gap between art and commercial textiles. Part of my research and decisions were made by market research and trends. Now I enjoy working with different references but maintaining the idea of pattern repeat.



Alongside developing my project I enjoy developing the context of my work. I have been reading a book that David suggested to me, which reflects upon the idea of how contemporary artists work with pre-existing references and re-emerging themes and gives examples of avant-garde artists of the 20th century.
It is quite easy to get influenced by existing trends as many of us tend to get exposed to the same images and data, therefore is challenging to develop a style and add a personal input on your work in a world where most ideas have been expressed.
‘Artists today program forms more than they compose them: rather than transfigure a raw element (blank canvas, clay, etc) they remix available forms and make use of data.’ (Nicolas Bourriaud, Postproduction, 2002, p.15.


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