04 May

The following poem is inspired by the reactions of members of the public to ‘The Derby Witness’ at Artcore Gallery, presented as part of the Cabin Fever Residency, Spring 2021.




I can smell cigarette smoke

Hear voices I don’t recognise

Mouths hidden behind stylish face coverings

No more powder blue PPE as standard

Now, we strut, fashionistas

The streets are our runway

Rocking our lockdown bods and comfy shoes

At a respectable two-metre distance


I am blindsided by the sight of people

Doing everyday things like they used to do before

It seems normality has been restored

In all it’s hideous, beautiful, mundane glory

But there’s no pressure,

Take your own time to step back into your spotlight

We’ll wait



Consider this a reset

A chance for humanity to not to repeat the mistakes of the past

But to heal and repair and to learn what’s really important

Weep when you need to

Dance when you want to

Hold those long distance closer than before

Raise a glass to absent friends

Maybe it’s not the end of the world, but just the beginning


A second coming of the roaring twenties

Where we stand and roar together

Our voices raised against injustice

We come back stronger

Like flowers from the soil, we too shall rise

The heat of the sun on our faces

As is for the first time


An ordinary life, after extraordinary days

Never taking anything for granted again.


D. Webber

4th May 2021


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