The Fairest of the all. Gareth Bunting

‘The Fairest Of Them All’ is a small ink painting. It was created as a reaction to the absurd and shocking disparity between rich and poor in the UK. My work is always a sort of visual diary which documents current social, political and environmental issues, as well as my own life and experiences. This piece has a small but poignant story behind it. I would walk past several homeless people every day on my way to work in Whitechapel, one day a friendly homeless guy I would occasionally chat too, who lived on the street right outside the tube station, had tragically disappeared never to be seen again. He left a giant mirror in his place, to me it was poignantly reflecting the issues in society in this modern age,  you could see many busy businessmen in suits through the mirror, and the banking district in the background, and the mirror brilliantly put them all in his place momentarily, perhaps allocating blame, or perhaps in a ‘like a rolling stone’ way, it could’ve been any of us.. I don’t know whether the guy meant to leave the mirror there as a gesture, to make a statement, or if it was just randomly placed there, but I could not help being struck by this mundane but deeply meaningful piece of public art, I had to create art from it.


By ‘we are asteroids’ artist in residence Gareth Bunting

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