Gareth Bunting

Gareth is based in Staffordshire, and has had residencies in China, Taiwan, Peru and Mexico.​

Gareth Bunting is an artist and keen traveler. He is interested in how places exist in the mind, and painstakingly paints sprawling, fantastical and dreamlike landscapes from memory with an original and unique dry brush ink technique. His existential and often deeply personal ‘landscape portraits’ depict surreal and rich inner spaces. He breaks down traditional ideas of space and place, of borders and barriers, and creates surreal virtual worlds which investigate the impact of 21st century technology on the self, on the collective consciousness of humanity and on the environment. The lines are blurred between the real and the unreal, between our virtual realities and the physical world. He cleverly juxtaposes order and chaos, and contrasts organic fractal-like painterly natural forms with mechanical, architectural and ‘man-made’ forms.

He warps scale and perspective, and tells stories through visual narrativised symbolism along his rich landscapes. His work highlights the age of the Anthropocene, and depicts the impact of humanity on the natural landscape, and the constant battle between order and chaos.

He has been part of our We are Asteroids residency and during his work he made a series of large scale ink paintings which narrate key issues through carefully juxtaposed symbols,with use of repetition and change along lines in the landscapes, contrasts between the manufactured and the organic, the real and the virtual, carefully visualising how individual people act en masse.

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