So far I have completed one of the three paintings, I will be making for the IRL exhibition. This first painting, like all my work, was initially made on Adobe illustrator, from which I then transferred onto canvas using acrylic. This work provides us with a tangible window into the surreal digital landscape. Through the use of multiple vibrantly painted surreal flowers, the painting represents copy and paste, as well as repetitive ‘eye candy’ you may find on digital screens. All of the flowers share the same simplified visual DNA, to replicate the quick and passive qualities of digital imagery. After reviewing the finished painting, I now hope to alter it by making it more ‘Real’ and ‘Tangible’, through the addition of materials that would only display their desired effect in the ‘flesh’. I also hope to make more of the digital design language visible through the addition of more imagery.


When I haven’t been in Artcore, I have been working on the largest of three paintings, in my studio in Swindon. This work depicts the vastness of the digital world and I am using household gloss to make it. In my next painting I am planning on showing a more playful side to the digital world.

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