It’s hard to believe almost a month has passed since the beginning of the residency- time does fly by! I began the first week building some objects with wire and paper, and then I decided to concentrate more on the wearable sculptures that I would be making. For the wearable sculptures I wanted to work with modular pieces, so I began doing several small sculptures to then assemble them together and make a larger piece. This process of making the clay shapes, waiting for them to dry and then assembling them togethers has been what’s taken most of the time that has passed so far. I have also done a couple of tests with the 360 camera and then playing the video into the Virtual reality headset to see how it works- it’s actually really cool!


As to when I’m not in Derby, I am also working from Leeds. At home I am working focused on materials other than ceramic as I wanted to mix different materials into the project, and unfortunately trying to make everything out of ceramics would be too heavy/unpractical. So far I have two “characters” and their accessories almost ready and two that are halfway there. The hardest thing so far though, was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to work with other people, as this was an essential part of the project. However, Artcore helped me find a couple of really good volunteers- one of which made me feel more at ease by telling me her friends might also help. And although I feel there’s still a lot of work left to do, I’m looking forward to the month ahead.

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