For the Artcore residency, I am working on a project surrounding the pub culture and the issue of the disappearing of the public houses in the UK.

I am concerned with the disappearance of the British Pub, as it functions as a social forum where different generations meet and socialise. By losing Pubs within the cities, we lose focal points for our communities and places of a unique tradition and character.

With this project, I want to create an awareness about the problems and changes that affect our coexistence within urban space in order to initiate a discussion about the future of our cities and the cohesion of society within it.

For the realisation of the project I have chosen to work with the object of the metal beer keg. I am intrested in the keg as it is moved around the city between the pubs creating   connecting points between them, creating an invisible infrastructure within the city.

During the residency, I will be creating a series of moulds from a used metal keg and cast terracotta sculptures from them.

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