I intend to take the end point of my MA programme as the starting point for the residency.

In October 2019 I removed the window installation of cellotape and carbon paper at the University of Derby. This will be videoed as documentation.

As part of this residency I would like to experiment with expanding this piece of work as follows; I would remove strips of sellotape and I will transfer these to slides and/or rolls of film. I would run the rolls of film through an ‘old-fashioned’ film projector which would create a film projection onto the wall.

I’m really excited to see how this would work as I am keen to expand the work through this kind of visual moving image. I also have audio and video recordings from the original installation and will have the same for the deinstallation of the work. I would like to experiment with incorporating audio with the film. These would be major developments in my practice and I would be able to put the studio space to good use. I envisage that I will spend the first two weeks researching and experimenting as described and the final two weeks refining and ensuring I have exhibition ready artwork.


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