In my practice I create a site-specific intervention using a simple process and inexpensive materials; cellotape and carbon paper. The space, walls and/or other surfaces determine the work created. I modify the process to fit the space.
The repetitive almost ritualistic process is as follows; I remove strips of cellotape from a dispenser in a rhythmic and repetitive manner and adhere to carbon paper, I rip the cellotape from the carbon paper and place it directly onto an interior wall, surface or window. The process is repeated innumerable times which creates a large-scale installation.
The remnants of the used carbon paper become a genuine non-predetermined, simultaneous by-product of the process. Words and concepts that I associate with the remnants are stripped back, fragile, trace, time, patterns, archival and mark-making.
I video and live stream the performative act on social media in order to document the process.
Research into site-specificity and working in situ has led me to take my existing process and materials into public and private spaces. In the latter part of the MA programme I have developed my practice in these new areas. I intend to continue investigating ‘my new studio’ in the real world.


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