A place and community orientated creative producer and sometimes artist they are interested in developing work that uncovers, grows and reimagines peoples relationships to here they live.

Work always grows from a particular place and situation, it is process rather than product based and often involves creative walks, parades, show and tells: using creative practice to platform, to ask questions and create spaces for coming together.

Their favourite part is hearing about places from the people who know them best and make them what they are.

During the Circling the Square residency at Artcore they will take leave from the situation and spatial realities of Osnabruck square, and it’s upcoming redevelopment – to include a potential renaming to ‘Friendship square’.

They are interested to explore the notion of what it would look like to design for and in friendship: with the planners, architects adoption a position of ‘friend’ to the publics they design for.

They are also interested to explore ideas of performing the public realm, and claiming it a place for personal and collective ritual.

Website: katyghawkins.com
Twitter: @kghkaty
Instagram: @katy_hawkins


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