We are Asteroids Residency

Extended deadline to apply: Midnight 05/04/2019

Borrowing the name by a phrase from eco-philosopher Timothy Morton, who calls out the human effect on the planet, Artcore invites artists to apply to We are Asteroids, a two months residency for artists to provoke, bring attention and develop future scenarios as an urgent response to climate changing.

As scientists warn us of the consequences of our human impact on the environment, the arts help us visualise the consequences of climate change and natural catastrophe, eliciting emotional responses that prompt action.  By looking to the past, we can understand historical examples of conflict and climate and the unintended consequences brought about by attempts to mitigate the effects of climate warming.

By drawing on the concepts that have emerged from environmentalism, we are asteroid residency asks artist to respond to:

  • how climate change has been reflected in increasingly urgent artistic responses?
  • how visual art might affect opinion on climate change?
  • What artists do in order to translate global issues (including climate change) into artistic visions?
  • What are the opportunities that climate change could bring our way? And how can we be ready?

For two months Artcore will be an incubator of ideas for artists to challenge, inform and engage audiences through their works about the environment and long term actions to create the conditions for change to happen.

We welcome applicants working in any discipline and with a cross disciplinary approach to their practice, to occupy Artcore studios.

Specifically, Artcore is looking for :

  • Artists with a commitment to developing their practice, and who seek dialogue and engagement with the local communities and the wider international contemporary arts and cultural sector.
  • Artists with an interest in how sharing space and collaborative working can inform the development of their work and how this residency will benefit their practice.
  • Artists interested in donating a selection of the artworks produced during the residency to be part of Artcore collection.

Residency Timetable:

  • Deadline – Please send your submissions by midnight 05/04/2019
  • Residency start date: 08/04/2019
  • Residency end date: 03/06/2019
  • Exhibition date: 21/06/2019-05/07/2019

How to apply

To apply, download Application pack here.

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