My works are (a non linear) narratives, which reveals broken threads of stories unfolding amidst landscapes. These works evolve from a narrative base and often comprises of multiple chronicles, which are about the common man’s hope and hopelessness and his struggle for existence.

Landscapes in the backdrop are blurred but are delineated to a specific ‘site’ giving prominence to a figure /object as an ‘icon’. However it is not an attempt towards making the element of landscape less significant but more specific and magical.

The narratives here are fragmented in order to focus on discrete yet powerful images of (the self) and the irony of being or not being.

The tension created is obvious as is the need to ease it out. My works speaks about the common man as a part of society and his never quenching desire for the ‘life’ and ‘material success’.

Our mind is always preoccupied and bombarded with marks of man’s struggle for survival/identity  in midst of terrorism, violence, communal riots and intolerance, where the concepts of progress, globalization and multiculturalism are shadowed by curtains of self-destructions.

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