Most of the works are receptacles of architectural forms, spaces, lanes, alleys, open skies, the evening skylight, nightscapes, and twilight, Fascinated by the narrative style of Indian medieval period. It is our collective psyche this understanding and possibility of innovative leads me to an interesting space where my imagination and realization are overlapping. The narrative and vibrant expression of that painting has influenced me to such an extent that my current works.

These moods have been recreated partly from reality and partly from the realms of fantasy. The constantly overlapping of architectural images has influenced me greatly.

Works have represented this harmonious blending of the past and the present by depicting the themes of old town and new town. With this, I have tried to harmoniously blend the old – symbolic of the local the familiar with the new – symbolic of change, freshness and its incarnation of the global culture. Thereby the distinctive qualities of both the old the new are accentuated through my work.

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