Artcore was established in December 1995. It started as a dynamic group of young professional individual artists, who were continuously in a process of producing, creating and showcasing art. Artcore was one of the first Contemporary Art galleries in Vadodara (Baroda) in India showcasing art created in Vadodara. Vadodara has been home to many established leading Artists in India. One of the most reputable universities of fine arts (Maharaja SayajiRao University) is located in Vadodara. Artcore’s main objective was to promote and support the up and coming local artists, students and the already established artists. It was a gallery for the students and by the students.

Gradually with support of local community Artcore was able to establish it’s presence and we started undertaking community projects and public art projects. The gallery was also a platform to market other activities done by Artcore. We did many public art projects, community projects, etc. in different parts of India. We also housed an Artcore craft shop which displayed and sold crafts designed by various local artists.

Strong support from the community and our relationships with artists and clients has been the success behind Artcore. The combination of established Artists and upcoming artists and exhibitions of such combinations was one of the leads to the success of Artcore. Our events always have something unique and interesting which attract buyers and collectors to our gallery. The upcoming artists bring new ideas and innovation in terms of work and the established artists bring the quality and saleability.  We believe strongly in interaction with the community. We have conducted multiple successful projects and workshops with various communities globally.

Artcore has grown and flown over the last few years from India to England and travelled many places in between. Although small in size, Artcore has grown over a period of time. It is well-known amongst all groups of artists in India, England and Internationally.

Artcore as a community Group:

Artcore is a UK based not for profit community group. The objective of Artcore is to promote and develop visual arts like painting, sculpture, arts & crafts and run high-quality art events for the benefit of artists and communities in Derby and Derbyshire and beyond. Our goal is to focus on trends, styles, languages and mediums of art from different cultures. We aim to do workshops and public art commissions in local hospitals, schools and community groups with various local, national and international artists affiliated with Artcore. We want to liaise with the students, up and coming artists and other organisations with similar objectives and work togather.

By doing the above made connections with the local artists and communities thereby offering them a platform to create and appreciate art.

We hope to make use of our extensive experience in the world of art and our Indian heritage to establish an ongoing long lasting relationship between the artists of India and the United Kingdom.

Artcore as an Arts Charity in the UK

Artcore is a Derby UK based visual arts charity with professional artists working within the local community to enhance lives by sharing knowledge and skills through the medium of art. We have developed as a vibrant centre for the visual arts within the East Midlands and beyond.

Our strength comes from working in four main areas: Art in modern culture, Art in health and well-being, Art in education and learning and Art in community.

Artcore is an arts charity working within communities locally.  We endeavour to operate as a cultural hub; fuelling active engagement for a diverse range of communities in Derby, East Midlands and beyond.

Artcore’s long-term objective is to use arts and crafts as a vehicle to strengthen community cohesion, educate, raise awareness and provide a platform for development. Through our work we are committed to bringing change into the lives of people of all ages, abilities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds through creative activities. Our focus is the provision of a contemporary, innovative and quality service through the four core areas: ‘art in education and learning’, ‘art in modern culture’, ‘art in health and well-being’, and ‘art in the community’.

We support participants as they develop their skills in a range of visual art mediums and techniques. As well as developing transferable skills such as time keeping, organisation, planning and communication. Artcore also provides a platform to implement the learning through volunteering and work experience opportunities in our different projects.

Engaging in creative and meaningful activities with Artcore, people have an opportunity to share learning, strengthen relationships with peers, boost confidence, encourage use of imagination and creativity, enhance knowledge and broaden career prospects. Arts activities also act as an alternative learning tool, breaking down any learning, academic or social barriers, providing learning and education strands that are accessible to all.

Since 2009, when Artcore shifted base to Derby, UK, we have developed significant art-related programmes and activities in the UK, and created effective local, national or international partnerships to share resources and ideas with.

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