The Institute of Reminiscence Residency

Deadline to apply: Midnight 07/12/2018

Artcore in partnership with FORMAT/QUAD invites artists to apply to Institute of Reminiscence, a two month residency that aims to investigate relationships to memory association, repetition and reappearance, as well as
forms of “active” remembering both in a private sphere and public sphere.

For two months, Artcore will become a think-tank to expand the boundaries of public debate about how the future of remembering is currently changing. The Institute of Reminiscence will be a hub tracing the transformation of memory archives from physical to digital information and the corresponding evolution of public and personal remembering through the artworks of two artists selected.

Contextualizing memory’s role in visual theory and aesthetic politics, the residency explores how perception of memory and its value has changed today alongide new understanding of reminiscence and its importance to
understand the past to imagine the future.

We welcome artists whose work engages with memory embodied in material and spatial conditions, beside works that reflect upon memory’s effects through time, and yet others that enlist the agency of remembrance
or forgetting to work through aspects of the numerous pasts by which the present is always haunted.

We ask artists to critically explore how we can curate our memory and how technology has shaped the way in which our memory is consumed?

This residency, part of FORMAT festival, will critically play with ideas of memory and loss and its effect on the dream of overcoming human memory’s fallibility.

The Institute of Reminiscence will give 2 artists access to Artcore studio space where they can create their artworks. Artists will work in pairs so that opportunity for discussion and interaction is available. Each artist will be
given a bursary and a mentor to work with, will have access to our library and wi-fi network, and participate as observer/facilitator in any of our art based community activities if they so wish.

At the end of the Residency programme, an exhibition of their works will be held at Artcore during FORMAT 2019:
FORMAT19: FOREVER//NOW, 15th March – 14th April 2019

Opening Weekend, 14th – 17th March 2019

Local and national advertising and marketing support will also be provided.

E-catalogues will be produced to support the exhibitions.

A selection panel will evaluate the project based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation and originality
  • The quality and creativity of the project
  • The coherence of the project and the coherence of the project within the career of the candidate
  • The viability of the project and how suitable Artcore media and work spaces are for the proposed project
  • The capacity to create connection for artistic activities between the local and non local public sphere.
  • The capacity and enthusiasm to engage with local communties and audience.

The residency will take place in Artcore.The programme includes the following benefits:

  • Artists’ bursary (£800) for exhibition ready work
  • Exhibition of artwork at Artcore gallery
  • Artist blog
  • Artist talks
  • A mentor to work with
  • E Catalogue
  • Opportunity to exhibit the work with other contemporary artists
  • Opportunity to deliver workshops/projects
  • Publicity and marketing support

Residency Timetable:

  • Deadline – Please send your submissions by midnight 07/12/2018
  • Selected artists will be interviewed on 15-17/12/2018
  • Residency start date: 07/01/2019 to 07/03/2019

How to apply

To apply, download Application pack here.

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