For my time at Artcore my aim is to address certain aspects of the Apollo 11 moon landing conspiracy. This will be achieved through research and a combination of mediums, however based in photography.

Leading up to the residency day one I was fairly set on what it was that I wanted to do first when I got into the space – it didn’t quite happen like that.

I vaguely knew that I wanted to use Cyanotype as a key material in my work, however wanted to gain the most from the residency by exploring new materials and theories that had been bubbling away under the surface. Fortunately, I had some spare wood and mirrors lying around at home that I hoped to make the most of.

Rather than doing anything photographic (cyanotype takes a lot more prep), my first ‘intervention’, was to create a mirror stand so that the mirror re-directed an entrant to the space into and immediately away from my workspace.

  • Re-direction
  • Intervention
  • Obstruction
  • Conspiracy
  • Distraction tactics

The ideas around mirrors are not in anyway resolved, and something I shall continue to play with throughout the residency.

A second intervention with mirrors, rather than diverting away from something, I was looking at diverting a person’s view directly towards something – where the moon would or will be at a specific time of day.

One of the key things that I had been very keen to explore was the use of CCTV as an art form. I had acquired a CCTV camera and ex-BBC monitor prior to the residency so that I could explore using it when I was able. Fortunately Artcore have given me enough space to relay images throughout the space in a particular way that I had been thinking about. One of the very important aspects of exploring this medium is that the ‘subject’ of the camera is unable to view what is happening on the monitor.

  • Staged
  • Performance
  • Scripted
  • Viewer/participant relationship

After getting some of the immediate ideas ‘out of the way’, it allowed me some time to concentrate on the cyanotype work that I had considered so key initially.

My initial entry point for producing cyanotypes was to source imagery from the NASA Apollo missions image archive. Something that had stuck with me profoundly was the calibration tripod (place on the rock in the image). This in some ways had influenced me addressing it as a ‘truthful’ representation – yet, in contradictory fashion, may also add more to the possibility of it being staged.

Going forward, there are more things that I want to do with the mirrors, cyanotypes, as well as some light experiments.

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