Artcore Gallery celebrates contemporary visual arts through a dynamic and diverse programme of events and exhibitions.

Artcore Gallery Online offers a platform for both established and emerging artist.  Showcasing an extensive selection of unique artworks by the finest emerging talent, Artcore Gallery offers an opportunity to invest in an artist early in their career.  We retain the highest standards through carefully chosen artists and a rigorous selection processes, to ensure quality artworks.

The ease of the selection allows visitors to browse and buy high quality art in the comfort of their own homes, making buying quality affordable contemporary art more accessible.

We appreciate that a piece of art can look different in your living room than in a gallery or online setting. To ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied, we offer a 14 day returns policy. Any artwork can be returned within this period for any reason, giving the customer complete peace of mind.


To develop an understanding and appreciation of art’s complex role in reflecting and affecting how people relate critically and creatively to a changing world.

To contribute  in the production of knowledge, using art and its presentation as a vehicle of analysis.

To present a changing programme of well-researched, visually stimulating and thoughtful exhibitions that are supported by appropriate events and publications, which make a distinctive contribution to their fields and win the respect and attention of local, national and international audiences.

To provide a platform for interdisciplinary thinking and research where ideas and practices can be explored and tested.

To professionally manage and develop relationships with local, national and international artists by direct promotion and sales of their artworks

To encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art.

To organise exhibitions and educational programs to offer enjoyment and encourage inquiry, while building and maintaining its collections in trust for future generations.


We endeavour to provide an inspiring environment to reach an understanding and appreciation for art. At the same time, we strive to promote an accessible art world and cultural diversity through the representation of both emerging and established contemporary artists.

We want people not only to look at art but also practice it themselves. We are therefore a space that provides people with art courses and workshops suitable for any level. Our professional artists and tutors offer tailored guidance and have extensive experience in the art world and in teaching fine art. Hence, we work to make art accessible also through active participation.

Moreover, our exhibitions appeal to a global audience, eager to discover and appreciate new cultures and their art forms. We constantly work in order to provide young generations of artists with a platform to expose their work to collectors from across the world. The support of our established artists has also benefitted this vision. We, therefore, hope to promote a vision of a truly global art world where artists and art forms can meet, develop and influence one another and give birth to the masters of the future.


Zahir Shaikh

Artistic Director/Artist


Ruchita Shaikh

Executive Director/Artist


David Gilbert

Strategic Programme Producer


Caroline Backhouse

Programme Coordinator


Iona Davies

Project Coordinator


Linda Mangsatabam

Community Liaison Officer


Stuart Banks

Finance Officer


Natasha Joseph

Assistant Curator


Tahmina Almas

Studio Assistant

Hemal Talati

Web/Graphic Designer

Jeff Pearson

Board Member


Robert Scott

Board Member


Dr Manju Sood

Board Member


Andy Ball

Chair Person


Huw Davies



Pauline Anderson

Board Member


John Newling

Board Member


Deborah Good

Board Member


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